Saturday, December 15, 2012

EDLD 5363: Week 4 Reflection

Team Collaboration:  
This week has been a little more challenging than last week; it has taken revision after revision of our first script draft. We are facing the challenge of what else can we omit from our script and video clips to meet the 90 second time limit. I never taught it would take so much time to revise and edit our proposed script. I think that the most difficult part of this week’s assignment is definitely the time limit, it is a challenge to present so much in such short amount of time. Team collaboration has been wonderful; everyday everyone has had tremendous input and incredible ideas on how to perfect the script, narration, and ultimately the video.
This week’s readings were extremely informative; each section of the Audacity readings provided me with new information about recording and how to edit the recordings. The assigned reading about Guidelines for Shooting Quality Video was the one that I personally found more interesting because I really don’t know much about filming a video. I was glad to read the 10 shooting tips that were features in this set of guidelines. I really liked the way that each tip was presented and how I was provided with a reason for considering each of the tips during filming. I specifically liked the first and third tips “Avoid Zooming In and Out Too Much” and “Where Are You?” I had never considered what the viewer would experience while watching a video if the scene kept on transitioning with a zoom in or out effect, I also realized that “Where Are You?” effect during film is very powerful in communicating something to the viewer without having to state it in the film, a quick view of a specific landmark immediately provides the viewer with the ability to recognize where the film is taking place.
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Guidelines for Shooting Quality Video
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