Saturday, February 16, 2013

EDLD 5366: Week 5 Course Embedded Reflection

Prior to the beginning of this course I honestly had very limited knowledge about everything that was necessary to develop a well-organized website. The first assignment helped me really learn and understand the four basic principles of design. Requiring us to evaluate other people’s work to identify and give our opinion on how we believed they applied C.R.A.P. to their designs was one of the best learning activities in week one. This activity gave me the opportunity to apply and assess what I had learned from the weekly readings and videos. I also enjoyed creating a flyer to share with my coworkers and help them understand what C.R.A.P. was. This course also gave me the opportunity to create a personal logo based on descriptive words that my colleagues and I felt described me. Creating my logo was a real learning experience, I was not very familiar with Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, and therefore I had to do several sample logos before producing a personal logo that I felt proud to share with others. Using Styks was very fun for me and my two young boys; we had a blast learning and creating animations. Learning to use this software was very simple; having my 5 and 8 year old using Styks, reassured me that it would be something fun and easy to do with my whole third grade class. Everything that I learn through the first few weeks helped me gain knowledge on what was necessary to produce a quality educational site. I had the opportunity to collaborate with some wonderful and knowledgeable group of ladies; they were all very determined and professional. Creating this site helped me really understand everything that is required and essential for a website to be established in a functional way. While researching for useful site to use as links on all of the different pages, I was able to acquire many useful resources that can assist several of my current students and their parents. I had a wonderful time in this course; I felt that everything was extremely well organized and that every little step I took during the weekly assignments assisted me in taking huge leaps in the development of the culminating final project. Everything that I learned during this course can easily be applied and shared in my current employment.  
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