Monday, September 30, 2013

EDLD 5326: Action Research Summary Report

My action research plan was to improve technology in the classroom while enhancing student learning. The various steps to complete the plan enabled me to work closely with campus administrators, technology coordinators, and classroom teachers. Through the action research I was able to identify a problem area that needed to improve in order to help classroom teachers meet state technology standards; and I was able to help develop and implement various technology trainings that enabled teachers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize and integrate technology in their daily lessons. I worked on my action research from October 2012 through May 2013, the project’s allotted time provided me with ample time to evaluate, implement, and modify the project’s ultimate goals. The surveys, walkthroughs, pre and post evaluations, professional development trainings, and the ongoing collaboration of all participants were vital for the project to be successful. Serving as a technology facilitator also allowed me to assist teachers during classroom instruction to help them during the technology integration part of their lessons; I was also able to provide them with useful applications and site suggestions that they could easily align into their daily objectives. By the culmination of the action research, teachers and students were more comfortable and knowledgeable of the unlimited ways they could utilize the available devices and applications. Students with different learning abilities were able to participate and collaborate in group activities with less teacher guidance and teacher were also able to observe their students learn in a less traditional manner.