Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EDLD 5363: Week 5 Collaboration Reflection

This is the first time that I work in an online collaboration project; all the group members in my team are amazing professional individuals with several levels of expertise. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work and learn from every team member. Everyone was always willing to do more than what was required in order to create and perfect a remarkable core content student-centered video. We used several Google Tools to continuously communicate, collaborate, organize, and develop each weekly assignment requirement. Using Google Docs as a collaboration method proved to be an outstanding way to cooperate with individuals hundreds of miles apart. Exploring the simplicity of this collaboration tool has motivated me to incorporate and share this collaboration tool with my co-workers. The creation of Google Drive to facilitate the evaluation of uploaded video clips and audio files was also very useful during the development of our project. Everyone if the team had access and the ability to make modifications and revision to every file. Our team also utilized alternative communication methods such as emails and telephone calls, which helped clarify and further perfect our final project. We used Windows Movie Maker to produce our video, Audacity to record the audio files for the video voiceover, Creative Commons to copyright our video, and YouTube was the website selected to share our video. We decided to use a Creative Commons license to protects our video, the license safeguards our video from been utilized inadequately. We chose to provide potential viewers with the opportunity to copy, distribute and transmit our work, but they must meet the predetermined conditions of attribution, noncommercial, and they may not alter our video. One of the most difficult challenges that our team faced during the production of the video was meeting the time limit of 90 seconds. We had to modify and omit several narration parts, video clips, and stills from the original version. I learned that editing is vital during any video production; having a time limit helps video producer’s stay focus on identifying the most effective way to transmit a message that will not only communicate the desired information but will also implant long lasting impressions. This experience has provided me with tremendous insight of fundamental video production guidelines, tips, and extremely useful resources that will enable me to easily incorporate digital video production in the near future.

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