Monday, December 10, 2012

EDLD 5363: Week 3 Reflection

This week was very stressful, having to change work habits was difficult. I’m enjoying working with all my colleagues, everyone is very knowledgeable in different areas and each one brings into the project different views, ideas, and experiences. Our group adopted the name of L’Beam Productions, and I personally think that it sounds like a real production company. We decided to write our script on math tutoring, our project name is THINK (Tutoring Helps Inspire New Knowledge). I’m really excited to see what our video will look like. I know that we still have a long way to see the end product, but little by little everything seems to be coming together. This week was dedicated to learning the correct way of writing and creating a script and a shot list/storyboard. All of the assigned readings were very enlightening; specifically the Success in the Planning CREATE, this simple guide clarified many of the predicaments I was facing. It started by clarifying the difference between a script and a storyboard, outlining the different things that should be considered during videotaping scenes. It also gave a concise description of types of camera shots and what could be accomplished when using them. I specifically liked and was able to start implementing the suggestions for creating a storyboard. It was very helpful to visit the resource links to supplement my knowledge on storyboard and template formats.       
Center for Educational and Training Technology. (2006). Success is in the planning. Retrieved on April 9, 2009, from

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