Saturday, December 1, 2012

EDLD 5363: Week 2 Reflection

Creating my first Podcast Video was a challenge, I felt extremely overwhelm with all the available information. Every search yielded so many sample video tutorials on how to do endless things with Audacity and Windows Live Movie Maker. It was very simple to download all the required software to my PC, but once that was done I had no clue what to do with everything.
I really feel that all of this week readings where extremely useful in guiding and explaining what video editing is all about. The various YouTube Audacity Tutorial Videos that I watched also provided me with step-by-step guide as to how to use the program. I think that I felt overwhelmed because I was not sure how to merge my Window Live Movie Maker video with my Audacity audio recording. I was so glad to have finally figured it out, it was so simple and enlightening once I was finally done.
Using Creative Commons to copyright my podcast video was a great way to ensure that no one uses my work inappropriately. When I first visit their website I was also a little confused, because I was not completely sure as to what were the services that this organization provided. I had to visit and read several of the additional pages that were easily accessible within the same site. I think that the copyright services that this organization provides are extremely useful for any video developer.
I feel that this week I learned so much, not only by reading and watching all the videos, but also by all the trial and error practice that I had. I feel more comfortable using each of the programs correctly, and I’ve also learn that is better to keep on trying and failing than not trying at all.
I will definitely use these programs in the future, to improve my daily lessons and to facilitate and maximize student learning. I think that all students would benefit tremendously from having the access and knowledge of using all of these free programs.

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