Friday, March 15, 2013

EDLD 5364: Week 3 - UDL Lesson Building Reflection

Creating a lesson following the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) template was an extremely helpful learning experience. Before using the template, I created my lesson on Bones, Muscles, and Joints using the CAST UDL Lesson Builder site, it guided me through the creation of my lessons. I really enjoyed creating the lesson on the site, because it provided me with more information and specific examples of the different elements that needed to be incorporated in the lesson. Using the program was very simple; I just had to follow the steps and input information in each of the spaces provided. I was able to incorporate multiple ways for students to acquire new knowledge, by participating in class discussions, viewing a video, working collaboratively to search the web, create and present a PowerPoint presentation, and practice their knowledge on the topic by using an interactive site and a practice quiz site. I also included various ways for students to express what they learned, they were given the opportunity to participate in two class discussions, work collaboratively in a group, create and present a PowerPoint presentation, and complete an online practice quiz that required students to write their answers on paper then conduct a self-check by looking at the site’s answer bank. The lesson included multiple ways of engaging, the class discussions and video helped activate students prior knowledge, utilizing an actual skeleton model to locate and describe bone functions, gave students the opportunity to make more meaningful connections. The various lesson activities offer students different opportunities to demonstrate their skills, learn and reinforce what they know about the names, locations, and functions of the different bones, muscles, and joints in the human body. The different web base activities also provide students with the opportunity to work independently and practice without been timed or judged for their knowledge.     

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