Saturday, March 2, 2013

EDLD 5364: Week 1 Readings and Video Reflection

This week’s readings gave me the opportunity to reexamine learning theories that I had read about several years ago. When I first read about these theories I was still taking basic college courses, I did not have the opportunity to apply them or really understand how they could work in a classroom setting. The assigned readings and videos have provided me with the opportunity to make connections and really understand how I have been applying Vygotsky’s Constructivism Theory in my teaching. I now recognize how using students’ prior knowledge and integrating different resources to facilitate student learning, helps every student acquire new knowledge. I could associate my teaching style more to the Constructivism Theory, because I feel that all my students can benefits from using their personal experiences to learn and really comprehend new concepts. Giving students the opportunity to practice new concepts in a variety of ways such as hands-on activities, creating power point presentations, models, participating in virtual tours, collaborating with other students, and leading group/classroom discussions helps them take ownership of their learning and make connections between their personal experiences and new knowledge.

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