Saturday, March 30, 2013

EDLD 5364: Course-Embedded Reflection

This course has given me the opportunity to truly understand what a group leader is and how it can help me improve myself as an individual. Since week 1 I decided to take the risk and create the first requirements for the class, a Google Doc and a Google Site; I was not sure if I was doing either one correctly but with the helpful resources that were included in our weekly assignments and the unlimited amount of how-to online videos available I was able to successfully create both. My group was composed of five diverse, dedicated, and knowledgeable individuals; each of us had different teaching backgrounds from elementary to technical college level. I believe that our unique experiences and levels of expertise were the foundation to our group project. Since most of my teammates had more experience working with high school level students we decided to focus our project on high school Anatomy and Physiology. I was personally afraid of completing this task, I did not feel well-versed in this area and I was afraid of disappointing my team, fortunately my team mates were very understanding and helpful. I feel that this project gave me the opportunity to see how sometimes leaders/administrators need to give others the opportunity to teach them. I was able to play two roles during the five week course in some occasions I was a leader guiding and organizing my teammates through the weekly assignments and on many other occasions I was been taught and guided by them. This course help me understand that true leaders need to give their staff the opportunity to become mentors and leaders, I truly believe that this can only make schools more effective. The weekly reading and videos provided me with many useful resources to integrate into my daily lesson; the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) site and the UDL eBooks site are both extremely useful resources for any classroom, both are easily accessible and anyone can use them. Teachers can develop lessons to accommodate every learner in their classroom; they can definitely create simple and useful eBooks for their diverse students. I felt that the UDL eBooks were so simple to create that teachers could easily assign students to create their own unique eBooks to assess their learning in any given subject area.    
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Google Docs in Plain English,

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