Saturday, October 13, 2012

EDLD 5301: Week 1 What I Have Learned About Action Research

What I have learned about action research is that it is a continuous spiral that is vital in every school setting to help insure that schools are always operating according to state and district guidelines. The process requires administrators to continuously engage in inquiry; administrators need to find the time to actively identify and research current problems. Action research provides administrators with the opportunity to collaborate with all stakeholders; they collect and analyze data, assess the results and use them to formulate plans of action, as well as evaluating and modifying the plan as needed. The method provides administrators with the required knowledge to facilitate and implement the plan to solve or improve the problem.
After meeting with my site supervisor and analyzing current problems within our campus, we decided that it was vital to conduct an action research in the issue of technology integration in the classroom. The proposed inquiry will allow me to actively engage and collaborate with all teachers and staff. With the guidance of my site supervisor I will conduct classroom technology integration teacher surveys, which will provide me with the necessary data to identify the main issues that are currently preventing classroom teacher from using the available technology in their classrooms.  The survey will also identify current areas that need the design and implementation of technology professional developments, to facilitate the use of technology in every classroom. 


  1. I am interested to see what types of areas teachers would like help in technology. What types of technology to you have available to your teachers? How will you go about helping them to begin using it in the classroom?

  2. This is what I'm researching as well. I will also be investigating better ways to facilitate training for teachers.