Saturday, October 27, 2012

EDLD 5301: Week 3 Action Research Plan

Action Planning Template
Goal: To improve technology integration in the classroom while enhancing student learning.
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
Evaluate the current use of technology in the classroom.

Aleida Benavides-Meza, Site Supervisor, Technology Coordinator, Campus Administrators
October 2012 – May 2013
Classroom observations and walkthroughs.  
Will meet with principal and technology director to assess how teachers use available technology at beginning and conclusion of action research. Ensure that curriculum and technology integration is aligned with TEKS and district objectives.
Conduct survey to identify teacher’s current technology proficiency.

Aleida Benavides-Meza, Technology Coordinator, Teachers
October 2012
Survey, research how to create teacher technology proficiency survey.
Review and analyze teacher responses.
Create and implement professional development technology trainings.

Aleida Benavides-Meza, Technology Coordinator, Technology Department Director
October 2012 – May 2013
Campus available technology equipment, internet connection, power point presentation.
Assess the effectiveness of professional development trainings, evaluate that all campus-base staff development is conducted in accordance with district standards, and that the goals and objectives of all staff development are to improve achievement and performance of students and campus.
Collaborate with teachers to facilitate technology integration in the classroom
Aleida Benavides-Meza, Technology Coordinator, Teachers
October 2012 – May 2013

Computers, campus available technology, individual facilitation, group meetings, assistance with technology integration lessons, model appropriate technology integration, and assist teacher with the integration of technology as a medium for learning.
Ongoing evaluation of the facilitation and technology integration in every classroom.
Collect and analyze data.

Aleida Benavides-Meza, Technology Coordinator

October 2012 – May 2013
Administrator observations, walkthrough information, teacher feedback, computer lab reports.
Compare collected data from beginning, and end of action research. Assess and evaluate the benefits of technology integration in the classroom. Evaluate if technology integration improved student performance.
Compile action research to report results.
Aleida Benavides-Meza
May 2013
Available data of technology integration in classroom.
Assess the benefits of technology integration in the classroom. Present results to campus administrators and teachers.


  1. I am extremely interested in following your research on this subject. Our school district is involved with the One-to-One Technology Grant. Our 7th Grade students will be given a Netbook Computer to use at school and at home next year. This has been a huge topic on our campus because we have a year to figure out how we can begin to incorporate technology into the classroom. Some of the subjects have begun the process of using technology but some are trying to develop a plan. My Site Supervisor wants me to work with our Math Department and help them develop a plan for implementing technology. I'm going to be visiting quite often to see what you are discovering.

  2. I am wondering what technology the teachers are interested in and trained to implement technology in the classroom? I am also wondering if the students have access to computers or ipads. Also, if the students all have access to the computers or ipads who is going to find the sites and apps to correlate with the TEKS?

  3. Some things to consider:
    1. Will teachers have to schedule computer labs?
    2. Mobile labs?
    3. Smart phone use (for those who have them)?

  4. We spent about two years planning, collaborating and training for the implementation of our districts 1 to 1 laptop per student integration. It went fairly well and it helped that the teachers were able to contribute to our laptop policies as well as share those programs they would like to learn first in order to be able to function within an all digital environment. I guess the thing that helped us the most was to start off slowly. Train your teachers on the most important programs they need to get by (email, digital grading program, etc.) then to continue with specialized training in their subject area. Unfortunately, the core classes at my school have or currently are receiving training for their subject ares to best utilize technology and many of us mere "electives" are having to wait. I've been proactive with looking at everything that is out there and there are so many possible websites you could use to teach Spanish, it is a bit daunting. Your plan is clear, concise, includes your stakeholders and will yield interesting data once it has been collected!