Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EDLD 5363: Week 1 Remember Video Script

Growing up in a migrant family was sometime difficult, especially when I was in elementary. I remember every year my family and I would make a long journey from the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to a small town in California. While both my parents worked long hard hours in the fields planting or harvesting all sorts of delicious fruits; my older sister, younger brother, and I attended school.
I remember having a difficult time adjusting every year; it was extremely hard to go half a school year to a school in Mexico and the other half to a school in the United States. Trying to keep up with a different language was the most difficult part; it was so frustrating to communicate with teachers that did not understand a single word of my original native language.
The elementary years are long gone, and now all I can do is remember how challenging and wonderful all those years were. The challenge of succeeding in both countries is something so special that I will never forget.  I remember making the decision of becoming an elementary bilingual teacher since I was in sixth grade; I just knew that teaching was what I needed to do in order to help other students that faced the same challenges as I did when I was growing up.
I remember how my parents would always encourage us to try our best in everything we did; they always expressed their desire for us to get a good education and they always gave us their full support. They always told us that the best thing they could ever give us was an education. My mom and dad’s favorite saying was and still is, you can always lose everything, but the only thing you cannot lose and no one can ever take away from you is your education. I can still remember their faces full of pride and joy the day I graduated from the university.
Although I just started this new journey, I will be honest I cannot wait to complete my Master’s Degree so that I can once again experience that feeling of seeing my parents, my husband, and my precious young boys faces full of pride and joy. I hope that they will always remember that I could have never accomplished this without their encouragement and support.  

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